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Researchers re-use drugs to fight COVID in the elderly

The drugs were identified in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications on Monday by

Next-generation Data Diode: More powerful than a firewall, smarter than Data Diode

Data Diode The concept of Data Diode – a hardware device that only allows data out

4 predictive areas driven by AR technology in 2021

According to a recent report, ar market size is predicted to increase from about $3.5 billion

Big Data in Agriculture: Farming “on the Clouds”

Combined harvesters, an important device in farmers’ fields since the late 1800s, today do more than

Results after a decade of investing in Big Data and AI

Nearly a decade ago, Fortune 1000 companies began embracing Big Data. Within a few years, AI

Blockchain-as-a-benefit (BaaS) and big data challenges

Developing ‘BaaS’ industry can’t turn into a soar away accomplishment without tackling the data limit issue